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The battle for controlling smartphone market between Korean competitor Samsung and US heavyweight Apple is ongoing. Apple entered the mobile phone industry in 2007 with no experience in developing mobile phone or smartphones, since 2007 Apple had become the major smartphone company. However, Samsung had as experience in developing mobile phones unlike Apple but it hardly catching up with Apple in developing smartphones. Smartphone is all about software and how it works, Apple did a great job by changing the phone industry by announcing the first smartphone ever back in 2007. However, Samsung are trying to close the gap by introducing the Galaxy S4. Comparing the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s in terms of design, display, performance, software and security, and camera.
Neither Samsung nor Apple chose to completely redesign their latest smartphones. The iPhone 5S is identical to the iPhone 5 and features the exact same 124 x 59 x 7.6 mm dimensions and 0.112kg weight. The Galaxy S4 is also close to identical to the Galaxy S3, featuring the design and measuring 137 x 70 x 7.9 mm. Even though Samsung Galaxy S4 is heavier and larger than the 0.112kg iPhone 5S, it is more comfortable to hold. This is because the Samsung has a round edges body that makes it rest more neatly in hand than the hard-edged iPhone. However, Apple beat Samsung in terms of build quality. Samsung uses a polycarbonate (a fancy word of saying plastic) in making their devices; this technique makes it most expensive device feel quite cheap. S4 has the shape as the S3 with the polycarbonate back cover and metal sides, which feels less solid than the 5S. Whereas, Apple uses unibody design made of aluminum, which make the smartphone more ridged.
When it comes to display, iPhone 5S has the same 4in 1136 x 640, 326 pixels per inch (ppi) Retina display, which seen on the iPhone 5. In 2012 Apple redefined smartphone screen with their Retina display on the 5S and 5. These screen is the best ever seen on a smartphone to date. The 5S's display is wonderful, it boasts brightly alive colors and has great viewing angles. However, a year after the iPhone 5's release, there are a few devices that are able to match or beat the performance of Apple's Retina display. The Galaxy S4 is one of these devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a larger 5-inch full HD (high definition) super Amoled 1920 x 1080, 441 pixels per inch (ppi) display. The screen is slightly brighter and more alive than the 5S, the S4's increased screen size made it useful for productivity purposes, for example editing Google Drive documents and spreadsheets on the move. In these situations we found the iPhone 5S's 4in display made highlighting and changing text slightly annoying and tricky.
In terms of performance competition, Apple made a huge update in their processor, claiming that the new processor (64-bit mobile chip) will offer users 40-times better CPU performance than the iPhone 5. People were impressed with the 5S performance and...

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