I Phone Sales Goals: Marketing; Sales Potential; And Sales Forecast, Strategic Plan, Tactics, Budget, And Measurement Tools

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Sales Plan: Phase TwoChristina Statescu, Felipe Lemus, Amanda Shepherd, and Robbie Hall University of PhoenixMKT445 Sales Tools and StrategiesBrian BohrnstedtApril 5, 2010Intro-In this paper we will go into further depth about the iPhone. Along with some portions from last week. We will discuss Sales goals: Marketing; sales potential; and sales forecast, Strategic Plan, Tactics, Budget, and Measurement tools. First a little information on the iPhone. The iPhone is a product line made by Apple, it consists of smartphones with internet and multimedia capabilities. The iphone has many functions such as a camera phone, text messaging and voicemail, a portable media player, which includes some of the same features found in with the video iPod, Internet features including e-mail, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The user interface is a multi-touch screen, which includes a virtual keyboard instead of a physical keyboard. Third-party apps are available free of charge and can be purchased from the Apple App Store that launched in mid-2008. It now has well over 100,000 apps approved and backed by Apple. The iPhone has many different types of apps such as games, references, productivity, and more. The original iPhone was discontinued with the introduction of the iPhone 3G, which remains available along with the iPhone 3GS (which as a few more features than the 3G and is faster as well). The iPhone remains one of the top selling Smartphones on the market and continues to have success in sales.ROBBIEDescription of iPhone -By the standards of modern phone technology the iPhone is not revolutionary. It has functions that you would expect to have on your average cell phone such as simply touching a number or name in the favorites list, phone book, or call log. It is able to synchronize contacts from an Internet service, PC, or MAC. An interesting feature is that you are able to retrieve voicemails in any order, when ever you like, similar to an email. The iPhone also acts as a widescreen iPod with controls you can simply touch. It allows you to enjoy audiobooks, music, videos, TV shows, and movies. This is all displayed on a crystal clear 3.5 inch widescreen TFT display. The phone acts as a iPod with better user friendly menus and better navigation.Apple's newest bundle of joy is equipped with a Safari web browser, optimized specially for iPhone. This Safari version compatible for mobil devices and is extremely advanced. The browser is able to synchronize with a PC or Mac and save all selected bookmarks. Yahoo! and Google search engines are built in. The iPhone has been built to multi task, meaning you can view a web page while reading an email in the background or while downloading files.The iPhone's simple, sleek, and elegant design make it stand out. Beauty and quality are two words that describe this phones design perfectly. It also is extremely user friendly and simple to use. The revolutionary interface allows this...

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