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I am going to be telling you which is better IPhone or Android and the reasons why it is and isn’t. The IPhone is better because it is more simplistic and in my opinion easier to use. The IPhone has sold 421 million phones this year and the Droid has sold 295 million this year so as you can see the IPhone even sells better. Now both are great phones but the iPhone is better because it’s an apple product and it’s simpler than the droid on any day.
“The iPhone is an integrated cellular telephone and media player developed and marketed by Apple. The device combines the main functions of several popular electronic gadgets in a single device, with a shared interface and integration between them. In addition to its primary function as a cellular telephone, the iPhone includes music and video player, digital camera, PDA, and an Internet communications suite. Although the iPhone runs Apple's OS-X operating system” (What-is-What?.Com). “Well there’s so much more to an iPhone than a regular phone; on a iPhone you can: Search web Text and call People, Download apps from the app store, The app store has millions of apps, Set reminders Set the calendar, and time, Set alarm, clocks, All on the High Speed 4G Network”(YahooAnswers.com). Now the IPhone 5s is the best IPhone on the market right now featuring the 4-inch Retina display, A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, New 8-megapixel iSight camera with True Tone flash, 1080p HD video recording, Face Time HD camera, Ultrafast LTE wireless, Over 900,000 apps on the App Store, iOS 7-The world's most advanced mobile OS, iCloud-connect your content on all your devices.
“An Android™ phone, sometimes called a Droid™ phone, is a mobile telephone that uses the Google-developed Android™ operating system. This operating system has become a popular option in recent years for so-called "smart phones," because developers and manufacturers may freely customize it to their specific needs. This customization means that different Android™ phones can have widely varying user interfaces. Most smart phones — including those using competing operating systems — offer similar overall capabilities, however, including Internet browsing, personal information management, video streaming, and access to a large repository of freeware and pay ware applications”(WiseGEEK.com). “Apps and Games: Your favorite Angry Birds are free on android. Nothing like jail breaking is required to run apps from unknown sources. Keyboard and touch interface: If you don’t like the android keyboard you can choose from a variety of third party keyboard from the market, Screen size: Samsung Galaxy S II: 4.6 inch, Your Choice of Carriers, you can run android devices on any network.#6) Voice Commands, Google’s Voice Actions perform great, Google has bought Alfred to improve the voice commands, Android devices: Third party cloud storage, external storage (SD card up to 64GB), File sharing and Connectivity: Android devices: Wi-Fi,...

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