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Iq Test Essay

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According to the website, I have an IQ of 113. I feel as though a site like could produce a “g” score because they make you pay too see an analysis of your results, which indicates to me that they put some effort into producing fairly accurate scores. General intelligence, also known as “g”, describes an individual’s specific mental ability, which is measured by tasks on an IQ test (Myers p. 405). The site breaks down your overall IQ results into different categories of intelligence and gives you an IQ score for how well you tested in a given area. For example, there is a category for “spatial intelligence” which is ones ability to predict what actions will happen based on varied conditions (Website). By looking at the broken down results you can compare areas you have strengths in, versus the areas you might struggle in. This is in accordance to what Charles Sherman found when he discovered that people who score high in one area tend to score high in similar categories (Myers p. 405). For a person to see what their “g” score would be they would simply have to look at which category they scored highest in and from that they would see in which area they have the highest intelligence in.
I do not think this on-line IQ test is a good predictor of a person’s future achievements. However, I do feel like they can be used in a positive way because they can help identify a persons strengths and weakness. Using the results of an IQ a teacher can help build on a child’s strengths or help a child be brought up to a certain level by using various teaching methods that the test helps identify (Myers p. 471). Therefore because of this an IQ test is a poor indictor of future achievement because a child can work to improve what they struggle in and can grow up to be just as successful as everyone else. Another reasons I feel as though an IQ test in unreliable is through the way it is scored, especially for adults. A simply IQ test is calculated by dividing a persons mental age by their chronological age that is then multiplied by 100 (Myers p. 417). The problem with this is that a person who is 40 years old, if given a test that tests the mental ability of a 20 year old, can score an IQ of 50 (Myers p. 471). This is a big problem because the person taking this test could have a much higher IQ and be very successful, but the test does not show this. Also in regards with aptitude and achievement, I feel as though an IQ test fails in this regard as well. A third reason as to why I feel an IQ test is a poor predictor of success is its failure to recognize how achievement and aptitude go hand in hand. An IQ test is an aptitude test, which is constructed to predict an individual’s future performance and their capability to learn (Myers p. 418). What the IQ test fails to recognize is a person who scores well on an achievement test. An achievement test assesses what an...

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