Iq Tests As Part Of Employment Application Process

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William Stern in the 1912 took the mental age of an individual, divided it by the chronological age and obtained the ratio, which he called as an intelligence quotient. Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a score used to express the relative intelligence of a person. In the modern society with high competition in different areas intelligence tests are widely used. IQ tests starting to appear in job interviews as a part of the application process as well. This is still a controversial issue about whether IQ tests should be included in the employability process.
IQ tests are standardised tests, which means that the tasks appearing in the test are the same for all participants, the conditions, given instructions and amount of time for completion are equal for each applicant. Standardised tests help to prevent stereotypical errors, for example, there is no preconception related to ethnic or cultural background, age or appearance differences. Although, it is argued that there is noticeable ...view middle of the document...

The most commonly used IQ tests are The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale and The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. They differ from each other, Stanford-Binet scale measures five factors of cognitive ability: Fluid Reasoning, Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial Processing, and Working Memory, while Wechsler scale which consists of various subtests that can provide a more complex score and view of individual intelligence. Wechsler defines intelligence as "the global capacity of a person to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with his/her environment“.
There is an argument that Academic Degree is a better indicator of job performance in the future, they help to identify a profile of weaknesses and strengths (Sattler, 1992). Although, there is a number of people without a degree and there are numerous job placements which require not particular knowledge in one area, but common sense in general. IQ tests are relevant predictor and help to avoid potential dangers for company. Intelligence is an ability to acquire knowledge that person gained through the experience, to make decisions, reason efficiently and to deal with the environment (Holt et al, 2012) IQ tests are not always significant or mandatory, but they can appear as an additional option or indicator for employers while selecting candidates for a job, especially if participants’ scores on other performances are identical. Much depends on a particular job place, but IQ tests can be combined together with other tests, such as confidence, working in a team, collaboration, creativity or personality tests. Employers can make an all-inclusive test to measure all required or necessary information for choosing the right applicant. Academic abilities do not correspond with suitability or required skills for a job place.
In conclusion, IQ tests are appropriate as part of a job interview, because they help to distinguish between applicants, prevent further errors, to pick the most suitable person for the place.

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