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1. The Kill / Capture program is a campaign of targeted raids by elite teams of U.S. special operations forces who hunt down Taliban and al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan one by one and taking them out. In the last year is had been reported that 12,000 enemies militants had been killed or captured. The Taliban and al Qaeda leaders leader who are targets on secret list, known as JPEL, include bomb makers, commanders, financiers, people who coordinate the weapons transport and PR people.

2. In the film it was stated the “U.S. commanders argue that for now, kill/capture is a crucial part of a wider counterinsurgency campaign that is starting to roll back the Taliban.” The counterinsurgency campaign also involves U.S. troops hunting down the enemy and killing them, but just killing the right people. Where the kill/capture is not just aimed at taking out the enemies in the battlefield, but in reducing the survival of the enemy organizations as well. Due to the fact that it was stated both special operations forces and conventional troops can wage kill/capture campaigns, I believe that the Kill / Capture policy enhances the goals of the counterinsurgency program as it not only has the same goals in the end, but goes a step farther as well.

3. When fighting a war there are always situations where the wrong person is killed in the process or customs and cultural norms of locals might be violated, but the successes of the Kill / Capture program do seem to balance out the drawbacks. If these people want us in their country, helping them to take out the Taliban from over taking their government and help them to secure their own its just something they have to deal with or the job might not get done. We might violate local customs occasionally; we aren’t doing it intentionally, but in an effort to help them out and the most successfully we can get the raids done then the fast we can leave. With the numbers of how many Taliban we have taken out at this point, I believe the successes more then just balance out the drawbacks.

1. The Taliban were never defeated in 2001, instead since there was never enough military presence to defeat them, they pushed aside was. After being pushed up into Pakistan, the Taliban, who were already making plans for insurgency, found support Pakistan army. Pakistanis valued asymmetric warfare, finding “extremists to be a cheap man's weapons system, they were fanatical guerrilla fighters trained militarily, organized...

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