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Iran is one of the World’s oldest countries. There is evidence of settlements in Iran that go almost 5,000 years ago. Land of green valleys and barren deserts in the Middle East of Asia.
Tehran is the capital and country largest city. Know first as the Persian Empire not only Iran but in a vast territory of southwestern Asia and parts of Europe and Africa.

Foreign powers have occupied Iran from time to time since the early years. The most important invasion is the one of the mid 600’s when Muslim Arabs took charge of the country having a lasting effect on its culture. The Muslim Caliphs (religious leaders) are the first ones to govern the country for about 200 years. During the Muslim Arab reign, the Islamic faith spread throughout Iran and up today, most of the Iranians are Muslims.

In Iran, early 1900’s, discovery of oil gives the country an enormous source of wealth. The King that reign Iran from 1925 until 1941, Reza Shah Pahlavi, and his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, which reign until 1979, use all the revenue from the oil export to promote economic and social development. Revolutionaries, rule by the religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, took control of Iran after 1979, putting an end the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi regime. Revolutionaries change the government from being a constitutional monarchy to an Islamic republic.

The new policies led the Islamic take control over all areas just to end with economic problems to the nation, and strained relations between Iran and Western countries. Government after the Revolution of 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini and his follower’s draft a Constitution for the new Islamic Republic base on teaching the Islam, went in effect in December 1979. Under the constitution, the Nation supreme leader is the faqih, a scholar in Islamic law recognized religious leader of most Iranians. Khomeini holds the position of faqih until he dies in 1989. At the national government, the constitution provides for three branches of government, the executive, legislative, and judicial. The members of the Islamic clergy hold most of the important positions in all three branches.
There are 30 Ostans (provinces) for purposes of local government and each one has a governor appointed by the national government and a council that elected by the Ostans voters. The Iran government does not allow any formal political parties to operate freely in Iran. The Iranian government must officially approve all the candidates before allowed them to run for office.

Iran’s military forces consist of regular Armed forces, Revolutionary Guards, the Militia, and the Police Force. The Armed Forces are made up of an Army, Navy and Air Force. The Revolutionary guards carry many of the same functions as the regular Military Forces. The Militia is use mainly to put down the violent challenges to the government. In addition, the Police Force handles the routine security duties.

About two-thirds of the Iranian people are descendants of Asian...

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