Iran: A Nation Under Scrutiny Essay

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AbstractIran is a nation of great concern to the United States with regards to nuclear weapon proliferation. Iran is seen as one of the nations most actively seeking to acquire nuclear weapons capability. In order to understand the actions of Iran, it is useful to determine the motivations the nation may have for creating a nuclear device as well as discuss its capability of doing so. Iran is seen a nation which exists within the context of a dangerous and complicated international situation with many possible motivations for creating nuclear weapon.Although Iranian officials have denied the existence of a nuclear weapons program, much evidence has been discovered to suggest otherwise. In addition to engaging in suspicious activities, Iran has seemingly covered up and lied about highly controversial past behavior. Because Iran is sliding ever closer to proliferation, The IAEA and nations around the globe should steadfastly work with Iran so that it does not produce a nuclear weapon.1. IntroductionOf the several nations with a possible future nuclear weapons capability, Iran is one of the greatest concerns to the United States. Iran currently lacks nuclear weapons capability, but intelligence services have estimated that Iran is one of the countries most active in seeking nuclear arms today [1 page 255]. Although Iran denies any nuclear weapon ambitions, the nation engages in many activities which are allegedly in breach of the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, of which it is a signatory. Moreover, it is imperative to discuss Iran's nuclear aspirations and how the International Atomic Energy Association, with the help of the international community, is attempting to prevent the nation from ever becoming a nuclear state.2. Motivation and CapabilityIran is a nation that exists within the context of a dangerous and complicated international situation. Bordering on the east is a nuclear-armed and America friendly Pakistan. Also to the east lies Afghanistan, whose government was recently toppled by American forces. To the west lies Iraq, a once potential nuclear weapons state with which Iran fought an exhausting eight year war. Seeing the fall of two neighboring states as a result of military intervention on behalf of the United States, Iran has new cause for concern. In the Middle East lies Israel, an undeclared nuclear state which stands as a formidable threat to Iran. As one can see, Iran has many possible enemies, some of the most threatening of which are armed with nuclear arsenals [2 page111].As a nation which regards itself as a major regional power, Iran feels a need to develop advanced weaponry. Keeping up with its nuclear neighbors such as India, Pakistan, and Israel might be a high priority for leadership in Tehran. Iran may very well feel that prestige and an elevation in international status will accompany possession of nuclear weapons, as is apparent in the cases of India and Pakistan. Given the hostile environment in which Iran exits, it...

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