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Iraq War Justified Essay

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According to Theodore Roosevelt, "Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong." This virtue has been disputed since the dawn of creation, from Cain and Abel, to the Crusades, through the present day war in Iraq. However, the questions linger, who determines what is just and is there a universal definition of justice? People all over the world give their opinion of what justice means to them, unfortunately many misinterpret the meaning. America and its allies went into the war in Iraq, not for selfish reasons, but in order to release a tyrant's grasp its subjugated people, while in turn eliminating a threat to American lives.Being able to determine right from wrong is not always easy. There are many instances where there are no concrete answers, but in most situations people are able to determine the good from the bad. As human beings we are bestowed with natural law. Natural law is the acceptance of a universal good. Certain actions are deemed just and others unjust, regardless of race, age, or culture. This enables every last human being to determine the basic difference between right and wrong; for instance, every rational man knows that there is no justice in murder, yet because of freewill he can choose to commit the sin. How does this relate to Saddam Hussein and the present day war in Iraq?To determine Hussein's character as the leader of the Iraqi people, one only needs to look to the facts. In 1987, Hussein became the first world leader to brutalize his own people with chemical warfare. He is now known to have used a deadly combination of mustard gas, sarin, tabun, and VX, on over forty villages. His goals were cruel, to eliminate the Kurds in northern Iraq, terrorize his adversaries, and also to test the potency of his new weapons. According to Dr. Christine Gosden of Liverpool University, who has developed treatment and research programs for survivors of a Hussein attack on Halabja, Iraq, was quoted as saying, "Iraqi government troops would be surrounding the attack site and they would have chem-bio suits on...included would be doctors and interested observers...they would go in and find out how many people were dead...and how many survived. What ages ...did men, women or children or the elderly suffer more? From there they would shoot the survivors and burn the bodies..."(Saddam's Chemical Weapons 3). In the city of Halabja, 5,000 civilians were murdered, the majority of them helpless women and children and those lucky enough to survive the initial attack were stricken with permanent blindness, respiratory and neurological disorders, cancer, infertility, severe malformations, and finally death. The Iraqi people longed for help yet when they tried to fight back the results were catastrophic. According to Human Rights Watch, "Senior Arab diplomats told the London-based Arabic daily newspaper al-Hayat in October (1991) that Iraqi leaders...

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