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Ireland Essay

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Ireland is really an all around great country. They are economically and politically stable and have amazing tourist places that people can come and visit. The only major problem is the religious unrest, but you shouldn't let that stop you from seeing this beautiful country.The population of Ireland is large for its size, it has about 4,722,028 people. The life expectancy is high as well, for males it is 78 and for females it is 82. The birth rate is 15.81 for every 1,000 people and the death rate is 6.38 for every 1,000 people. The total fertility rate is 2 children for every woman. The literacy rate is 99% for males and females.The population of Ireland is large because it has enough food ...view middle of the document...

There are also highland games which is a series of events which includes playing the bagpipes and wearing a kilt.These traditions and games came around when the Celtic people migrated to Ireland and brought their traditions with them. Another great Irish holiday is St. Patrick's Day which is a cultural and religious holiday. This day represents the day that Christianity came to the island, it is celebrated all over the world.The traditional language of Ireland is Irish Gaelic. The survival of the language is promoted and encouraged by the Gaeltacht ministry which was formed in 1956. About 75% of the people speak Irish in a certain region. Still even though people know how to speak it, English is the main language on the island.After the great potato famine many of the Irish people moved back to Ireland. With them they brought the new language, English from America. That is why English is the main language of Ireland.There are about seven different kinds of religion in Ireland. Some of the main ones are Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland and Presbyterian. The minor ones are Methodist, Jewish, Islam and Jehovah's Witness. There are about 3.9 million people that are Catholic.Many of these religions diffused to Ireland from other countries over a long period of time. Ireland sends out many missionaries to spread the Catholic religion. So overall the main religion of the island is Christianity but specifically Catholic.There are about four different major types of ethnicities in Ireland. They include the Irish, White, Asian and Black. The majority of Ireland's population is Irish. Many of the Asians and other minorities have migrated from other places.Irish is the major ethnicity on the island. It has been mixed over time; about 1% of Ireland is of mixed descent. About 1.3% is Asian and about 1.1% is Black. For a small island it was shocking at how many different ethnicities there are.In Ireland about 19.5% of the total land is used for growing crops. About 6% of the land is used for growing cereal, 1.5% is used for growing roots and green crops. The rest of the land is used to support livestock, which is Irelands leading export.The political geography of Ireland is extremely different from that of the United States. In 1921 the island of Ireland was divided into two parts when...

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