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Irish Republican Army Essay

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The Irish Republican Army was a well-known terrorist organization originating in Dublin, Ireland. The IRA (Irish republican Army) used irregular military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, and petty warfare against the United Kingdom. The IRA raged Guerilla warfare against the British, creating the Irish War of Independence. Even though the Irish Republic Army is no longer active, in their time they wreaked havoc any many different people. In this essay, the description of the group, historical and past events of the group and recent activities will be discussed.
The Irish Republican Army was an Irish republic revolutionary military organization. It came from the Irish volunteers, which were created on November 25, 1913. The Irish volunteers started the Easter Rising in order to end the British Rule in Ireland, leading them to be titled as the Irish Republican Army in January 1919. In 1919, the Irish volunteers became confirmed by Irish Nationalists, Dail Eireann and were recognised as a legitimate army. The IRA raged Guerilla warfare against the British from 1919-1921, creating the Irish War of Independence. The IRA was active from January 1919 to March, 1922, though they are inactive now. The IRA’s main leader was IRA army council. Their headquarters were in Dublin Ireland, but they also operate out the United Kingdom, throughout Ireland, and Northern Ireland. The IRA was funded by extortion, bank robberies, and donations from their descendants. The Irish Republican Army’s main goal was to become independent from Great Britain.
The Irish Republican Army started after they were recognized by Irish Nationalists when they were Irish Volunteers from starting the Easter Rising. Their main purpose of creating war and destruction against the UK was because they were extremely desperate to become independent from Great Britain. For years, beginning in the 1960’s, the IRA was considered one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. They have been involved in many past attacks like “Bloody Friday”. In Belfast, Northern Ireland on July 21, 1972 twenty-six bombs exploded in eighty minutes, killing eleven people and injuring 130. The majority were car bombs, driven to the detonation sites that day. The bombings...

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