Irish Scouting Essay

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OliverSmithMemoir:The Scouting relations between Ireland and France between 1930 and 1958 Tutor: Mme Geraldine VaughanContents:Introduction:
Baden Powell: The Second Boer War and the Birth of Scouts, page 6

The birth of a worldwide organisation, page 9

Scouts in Ireland, page 10

Scouts in France, page 11

The birth of the Irish Republic/ Irish Free State, page 12

The Girl Guides, page 15

Duty and relation between the French and Irish Scouts, page 17

Study themes, page 18

PART I: 1930-1939: The Scouting revolution:
Scouting at its highest, page 22

Radical forms of Scouting, page 23

A new breed of Scouts, page 26

The differences between Catholic and BP Scouts, page 30

Esperanto, page 32

Scout reading, page 33

The Catholic Church: Head of Catholic Scouts, page 34

Pilgrimages, page 37

Eucharistic Congress, page 40

Training Boys and Girls, page 41

Rise in Scouts, loss in masters, page 42

A mutual relation between France and Ireland, page 43

Independence for IFSGG and BP Scouts, page 44

Criticism of Scouting in Ireland, page 45

PART II: 1939-1945: Scouts in the aid of others:
The war, page 48

Scouts fighters, page 49

The memoirs of Patrice Canice O'Mahomy, page 51

Scouts as life savers, page 52

Girl Guides, page 53

Entertainment in need, page 55

Deaths, page 56

The position of the Church, page 56

A need of publicity, page 59

A way to improve troop funds, page 59

Scouts and politics, page 60

PART III: 1945-1958: Peacemakers:
Scouts friends of all, page 62

Listowel Jamborette, page 64

Relief system, page 64

Hard feelings between CBSI and the BP Scouts' Englishness, page 65

When our plane hit the mountain, page 66

The Jamboree of Peace/Jamboree of Dust, page 68

The Irish Red Cross, page 69

International Recognition, page 72

International alternative, page 74

Constitution changes and French knowledge, page 76

Lack of Scouts/Guides and suitable leaders, page 77

Training leaders and chaplains, page 79

Emigration in Ireland, page 80

Scout finances, page 81

An important year for BP Scouts and IGG, page 84

The flight pilgrimage to Lourdes, page 84

Scouts act as Irish models, page 85

Cinema, page 87

Scouting as hope, page 87

Conclusion, page 89Annexes:
1) Letter from Patrick Hughes to Reverend W.D. Hamilton, page 92

2) Chief Scouts and Clergy of Ireland, page 94

3) The delimitation of the four Irish archdioceses and its dioceses, page 96

4) Timeline of Irish Scouting, page 97

5) Religious affiliation of Dublin association groups in 1955, page 98

6) BP Scout statistics in Ireland, page 100

7) Poem, promoting CBSI, page 103

Unpublished, page 104

Published, page 106

Articles, page 108

Internet sites, page 109

Videos, page 110

People, page 111

Organisations and acronyms:Girls:CGGI: Catholic Girl Guides of IrelandCGG: Catholic Girl GuidesIFSGG: Irish Free State Girl GuidesIGG: Irish Girl GuidesClan na nGaedheal: Girl Scouts of...

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