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This film was dramatic and inspiring. This film opened my eyes to understand the struggles that woman have gone through to get the freedoms that they experience today. I would have to say that one of the definite strengths of this film was the cast itself. Because of the nature of this film, I could get a real sense of the actual “suffering” of these women. I would have to admit that I was completely ignorant on how this suffrage movement has literally shaped the voting rights of women in America. All my life I have heard about that great day when women were granted the right to vote. Never in a million years did I expect to witness such hostility towards women according to this dramatization based on American history.

Actress Hillary Swank did an awesome job in portraying the role of Ms. Alice Paul. She really gave a great impression as to how determined Alice Paul was to end the mistreatment of women, and to foster a movement for equal rights. The cast was wonderful, extremely exciting and very convincing at portraying the sentiments and convictions that these women fought so very hard for. This film gave me a new appreciation for women like Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Condoleeza Rice and many other women that have made great advances in our society. The costumes were convincing, the make up, the set designs, and the backdrops, were extremely impressive.

One of the most memorable aspects of this movie was the emotional indifferences between Alice Paul and her best friend Lucy Barnes. Lucy expressed a lot of sentiments of being lonely and wanting to start a family in the middle of the struggle. I found great appreciation for this aspect of the film because it shows the emotional and softer side of these women. There was another...

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