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Iron Triangles Essay

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Communism in the World

Both communism and liberalism maintain with complete certainty that the destruction of the existing society will give birth to a new form of human existence at the least approaching utopia. They are what Daniel Chirot dubbed 'tyrannies of certitude'.
A particular group of people has been responsible for blocking the happy development for centuries. In the case of communism it was capitalists, in the case of liberalism it is 'racists' - nearly all of whom are of course white. No! One must be harsh to build the new society and not make excuses. All white people are 'racists' and must pay the inevitable penalty. Few people know that the word 'racism' was invented by Leon Trotsky, one of the principal architects of the communist nightmare.
The rightness of the cause dictates that a political architecture of lies rather than reasoned argument is permissible if necessary to bring about the result. Since no one will willingly give up their human identity, and that is what we are being asked to do, lies will, in fact, be indispensable. The communists aimed at eradicating 'bourgeois consciousness'. The liberals are systematically eradicating our history and identity from schools to ensure pliancy before the onslaught of anti-white bias in everything from newspapers to employment law. In this they are unlikely to succeed. The Russian and Yugoslav experience under communism has shown the persistency of racial and cultural identity.
Doubters concerning the wisdom of the new arrangements are to be hunted down and destroyed - under communism they were dubbed capitalist spies and saboteurs, under liberalism it is 'racists' - a sound catch-all term of abuse for any white person opposing their own marginalisation.
The 'racists' are well-organised and to blame for nearly everything which goes wrong according to authority, just like the 'counter-revolutionaries, western spies and saboteurs' in the heyday of communism. Under communism the newspapers would say 'capitalist spy ring raided'. Under liberalism we read 'police target racist groups'. In both cases good citizens are to congratulate themselves on the skill and wisdom of the authorities in protecting them from disruptions to the relentless march towards paradise on earth so evident on Soviet collective farms and now in Britain's inner-cities.
If communism was not delivering the goods then even more stringent action was needed to eradicate the source of the trouble. Since it had been scientifically proven that communism would deliver, what possible other cause could there be for failure except disruption by malcontents? If people do not actually enjoy mass immigration and the so-called 'multiracial society', it must surely be the work of similar malcontents. Liberal theory is flawless. Like communism, it presents itself as scientifically-based - an abundance of pseudo-sociological tosh underpins its thinking - and dictates a historically-inevitable outcome in which we all...

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