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Ironic Essay On Airplane Traveling

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The Joys of Traveling By AirWith the various methods of travel nowadays, traveling by air is by far the most convenient and enjoyable method (Irony). The hours spent in the airport, waiting to get on board, are totally worth the gourmet plane food, the lazy-boy quality seats, and the spacious setting (Alliteration).On the day of your flight, it is highly recommended to arrive hours in advance for security purposes. This is entirely understandable because the heightened security is necessary to prevent any incidents such as the one five years ago known as 9-11. There is always the possibility a terrorist will hijack a plane using a knitting needle, pen knife, or other sharp object because potential hazardous objects are permitted on the plane.When entering the security check line, where carry on luggage and passengers are searched, it is a joy to stand in the mile long line. It is like standing in a roller coaster line except with a more memorable experience at the end. What makes the experience more meaningful is counting the tiles on the floor and the number of people waiting in line until it's your turn. Sometimes it is fun to play "I-Spy," naming a color and guessing the object of that color, to pass the time fast as a lunch break (Simile). Sometimes it is even best to bring your lunch with you in line because if you get hungry and wander off in discovery for food, the person behind you will most likely let you back in the line. The older gentleman, who looks like a motorcyclist and was hassled by security, will be your best bet of someone who would allow you back in line. Before you know it, you find yourself the next person to go in the security line.Although the security check point may not seem special, those with the V.I.P. passes receive special treatment. How does one know if the V.I.P. treatment is for him? (Rhetorical Question) All that is needed is a tiny sticker on the corner of the boarding pass to give you an experience like no other. Although it isn't the Grammy Awards, it is equivalent to the red carpet treatment. Just picture the extra attention as if it were the media instead of security guards. When it's your turn, you are asked to step aside into a velvet roped section located a few feet away. You are asked to remove all footwear and all metal objects from pockets and other locations. The next step is to be searched with a metal detector in every possible location. Hopefully you don't have any metal knee or elbow joints; otherwise you could be possibly interrogated in one of the many soundproof rooms with a one way mirror. Otherwise, enjoy yourself while being in close proximity and occasionally touched by a complete stranger. Hopefully you pass the inspection so that you may move on to the next activity, which is getting your luggage looked over.Instead of placing your on carry on luggage on the conveyor belt, it would be of much more (Anastrophe) convenience for your luggage to be hand inspected. Observe as the security...

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