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Irony And Other Themes In Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island

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In the book Shutter Island the book takes most of its setting on Shutter Island. Inside an abandoned hospital for the Criminally insane, it is a place where nobody escapes from. The whole place is under strict surveillance from the weather and monsoons due to the location in the sea on a vast land. Teddy does not know that he is put under a new physiologically theory to help him. On this island there is a lighthouse where he had been tested every year to see if the doctor’s treatment has worked on him. He still had a chance to “live” or a chance to escape but fails and goes under illegal brain surgery where they take your thought of living away so you’re basically a zombie and live on the island forever. In Teddy’s house he realizes that he killed his wife mentally and is why Dolores downs their children. There’s also a cave where he finds the truth about the island he is stranded on from a girl named Rachel Solando, his loose patient, and spills out ...view middle of the document...

The author did an example of oxymoron and irony which sustains the suspense factor and enticing you to keep on reading. Flashback story wasn’t the best way to put this story in because it could confuse the readers even if it’s added effect to connect to present disputes. Such as his alternate self-telling him that someone else killed his wife and kids but with the flashbacks it shows that he killed them himself mentally because he was never home so his wife drowned the kids which made him kill her.
Character Development
Teddy is a lost person throughout the book and is confused on everything. He came on the island only to investigate it but never would have thought to be captured and used sort of like a mouse for testing mental issues. He comes on thinking someone had killed his wife and kids but in the flashbacks he has it shows him killing his wife because she drowned the kids. Teddy trys to escape and tries everything and does not stop and finally he does get away from all the testing. He grows during the books because he never gave up. Without the help of Rachel which is the one who told teddy the secret on how to escaping and Chuck for being his therapist, There would be no way of him getting out.

The author gives a background of imprisonment, blur, and paranoia. The descriptive sentences and suspense in them create an impact to the abandoned setting. In certain scenarios the author makes the characters have credits to show his way in specific sections. His use of tone benefits the book.
In the book there was a powerful quote and it was “Which is better: to live a monster, or die a good man”. He is trying to stick out to not let your past mistakes effect your present ones. His explanation in the character Teddy shows the rage in his past which is affecting his present day decisions. The trapped theme describes how the story has a loss of control and such a rage to get off the island and is why Teddy has multiple personalities and his fake life for the past twenty years.
Personal View
I love the book because of its strong suspense and make you never want to lay the book down. The use of irony and just the idea of being imprisoned has made an effect on me. I would love to read another book from Dennis Lehane’s books just based off of this one.

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