Irp Essay: Infidelity And Family Breakups

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At the turn of the century, modernization of traditions also increased family breakups and infidelity; however these situations were not seem to be the norm. The characters in the novels A Handful of Dust and What Maisie Knew show the evolution of family breakups and infidelity due to their depraved actions. Brenda, a character from Evelyn Waugh's A Handful of Dust shows the depraved mind in women during this period and Maisie Farange's parents from Henry James's What Maisie Knew show the evolution through their depraved actions. Both novels also show the evolution by the rare and scandalous divorce between the characters.Many events in A Handful of Dust, such as Brenda's behaviour toward her family are so disgusting that they are considered 'funny' by many critics and book reviews. Her actions help in shaping her personality for the reader as she builds on to her corrupt mind. Her first, most inhuman action is when she discovers her son, John Andrew died in an accident while horseback riding. Her first reaction:" 'John?'... 'Dead?'... She sat down on a hard little empire chair against the wall, perfectly still with her hands folded in her lap, like a small well-bought-up child introduced into a room full of grownups. She said, 'Tell me what happened. Why do you know about it first?' 'I've been down at Hetton since the week-end,' [shows her confusion and misunderstanding that she yet does not know he is talking about her son to which Bruce Scott - Menzies, a family friend that is informing her replies] "Hetton? 'Don't you remember? John was going hunting today.' She frowned, not at once taking what he was saying. [The moment she realizes it was her son that dies, she is instantly relieved with happiness that] 'John ... John Andrew ... I ... oh, thank God...' (Waugh 118).This one line is strong enough to change all the minds of Brenda's supporters. A reader could understand a bored wife that is involved in an affair if they have had similar perspectives but not the fact that a mother will prefer her only son's death over a ma she likes who she barely know from a countable number of months. Can even a self-condemned woman be such a pathetic heartless mother? A woman is always known as the more sensitive partner when it comes to her children that she willingly bared for the painful 9 months which is obviously becoming less valuable with the changes as the modernization era gives women equal rights and much more freedom. But can that really affect one's mind to this extreme? One action is not enough to proof a characters negative trait. Events that follow the characters life are just as important to come up with more detail and an accurate prediction. Brenda's behaviour toward her husband, Tony, who has been so loyal and committed in this relationship clears up any doubts about Brenda's corrupt mind. Understanding that her son has just passed away, Brenda's actions at the mansion and her attitude when she returns back home to see Tony is unacceptable...

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