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Irreligion In Today's Culture: How Our Culture Today Is Affecting Our Religion And Is Holding Us Back From Being Religious.

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Today, we live in a world where cultural values are becoming more dominant than religious values. "Do what feels right" seems to be the answer to many inner struggles people, especially teenagers, go through on a daily basis. However, why are people turning their back on religion? Well, some think of religion as a pointless practice perused only for spiritual satisfaction. Others do not believe that they get rewarded for being religious, not even after death. Mainly, though, a lot of people are so caught up with the culture they live in that they base all of their thoughts, beliefs, morals, and values on that culture. For them, religion becomes useless, and most importantly, outdated to a point where it pushes people a way from being religious. These ideas are reflected in David Kupelian's "Killer Culture" and Noah Feldman's "Schools and Morals." Both essays focus on how today's media and schools affect our religion and can sometimes hold us back from being good Christians.Media today has become a major part of our daily lives. Whether we are studying, communicating with friends and family, or even just sitting at home, media is certainly involved one way or another. However, what many of us fail to realize is that media can have disadvantages and sometimes become harmful, especially to youngsters who are going through a period of confusion and self-establishment. In his essay, David Kupelian quotes a documentary that talks about how major production companies play with children's minds to sell their products. "what emerges in the following sixty minutes is a scandalous portrait of how major corporations - Viacom, Disney, AOL/Time Warner, and others - study America's children like laboratory rats in order to sell them billions of dollars in merchandise by tempting, degrading, and corrupting them" (Kupelian 650).Thus, temptation, degradation, and corruption can be problematic when it comes to religion because all of these ideas clash right on with what religion stands for: Elevation, honor, pureness, and morality. The main question here is: how are children learning their morals as they are growing up? Is it through Religion or the media? Sadly enough, the media dominates. Kupelian claims, "To win teens' loyalty, marketers believe, they have to speak their language the best" (Kupelian 650). Thus, for example, children are better able to suck in moral thoughts and ideas from television rather than reading the Bible because to them, television is simply cool and easy to understand.It is unfortunate when children do not realize how the media affects their religion, but what about young adults? Well, they are victims as well. MTV is the perfect example used by Kupelian in "Killer Culture." He mentions shows like "Midriff," "Howard Stern," and "Mook," which he claims as a "marketing caricature of the wild, uninhibited, outrageous, and amoral male sex maniac" (Kupelian 652). Kupelian adds, "These are the extremes to which teens are willing to go to...

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