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Is A Mini Ice Age Imminent?

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Media propaganda is abound with the announcements of a “Mini Ice Age” in our mist. We are constantly inundated with Hollywood movies depicting global destruction with an onslaught of rapid global climate changes. Is all this news media accurate and depicting true and accurate events covering our planet and solar activity? As a reader begins to look deep into the rhetoric, they will notice that there is very little – if any – scientific data to support the coming of a “Mini Ice Age” (Mann) as indicated by the multiple media corporations. As many scientists have pointed out, we are experiencing global climate change – they just have not confirmed that is a “Mini Ice Age.”
Hollywood has sensationalized the end of the world with movies such as “The Day After Tomorrow” (Emmerich) in which the earth undergoes cataclysmic environmental changes within days. With the release of this movie, NASA was immediately concerned (Revkin) about how fantasy would affect reality and initially released instruction to their scientific community not to comment on the subject or the movie. As with many issues, if someone is not educated on a subject – they tend to believe the Hollywood impression and the additional hype the mainstream media creates to sell newspapers and/or magazines.
At times, some writers will take specific words or phrases completely out of context from experts and governmental agencies to give the appearance of validity to their stories. For example, when Mr. Lewis Page (Page) wrote his article for The Register – “Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade” – he cited many expert and governmental references; however, his cites only included partial phrases and many comments that were misleading. If someone were to review the references and additional documentation of the persons and organizations being cited; they would begin to question his purpose for writing the article in the first place. On the other hand, if a person was not aware of the information being cited nor how items such as the Gulf Stream affects the air currents and the Thermohaline Circulation affects the underwater currents; they will be mislead and may fall into the line of thinking the author wishes them to be within.
Reputable magazines are not exempt from this practice either and at times present articles that are misleading to the public. When the National Geographic News printed the article ““Mini Ice Age” May Be Coming Soon, Sea Study Warns” (Owen) – they presented reputable and outstanding information concerning the activities of the oceans and how the earth’s waters affect the climate change. Although, the intentional exclusion of information that affects the oceans and the climate was deliberately misleading. If one were to read only that article, he or she would surmise that our planet would indeed end up similar to the earth depicted in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” (Emmerich). This type of journalism sells magazines and newspapers,...

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