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Is A Revolution Possible Today? Essay

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`'Revolutions are historical facts of life. Almost all major states in today's world are born from revolutions. Whether one likes it or not, our century has seen something like three dozen revolutions- some victorious, others defeated- and there is no sign that we have come to the end of the revolutionary experience.''After the failures of Russian revolution, an important one emerged in Havana in 1959 known as Cuban revolution and together with it successful revolts were seen in the screen of history such as anticolonial struggles, independence declarations in Africa and Asia, Vietnamese opposition to imperialism, antiwar uprisings in various continents, feminist revolts, working-class rebellions, antiracist and civil right movements, environmental rebellions. Whatever the real successes of these movements were, they could not cut their ties with capitalist relations. Some kinds of counterrevolutions, often with US supporting, showed up and injected some capitalist germs to these lands.

Revolutions happens as outcomes of inequalities and oppressions. When the majority of the people can not bear being fooled when they refuse to stay on their knees; they unite and transform from helpless sheep to mighty lions. They strike, organise and demostrate in increasing numbers even they show bloody activities to their rulers. For a revolution in order to be successful, the revolutionists must know not only what they are fighting against, but more significantly what they are fighting for.This is associated with idealism. People should be educated and far-sighted. Added to this feature, blood and sweat are the other two indispensible elements required for a revolution.

Are we on the brink of a revolution in the world? People generally think that the current capitalist system is a sick system. However, they can not think an alternative system and an idea of how to achieve it. There is no evidence for this and this thinking is the thing that will make revolution. Oppressed mass of people required for a revolution are , as we all know and Marx said, working class people. They are indispensible for this act. They are those who can shed blood and sweat not bougeoise or ordinary ones. However, there is a problem in this sense today in terms of working class heros. In today's world's most countries, working class has fragmented into many different groups.Two cause are obvious for this case. One is the increase in consumer goods available to workers which generated the idea that we are altogether middle class people, the other is the low-waged unemployed people that did not take the benefit from the increase.States also back up the middle class society. They have fragmented the middle class in order for it not to be united. The situation is not different in our country. There is a big economic gap between workers and bosses. In middle class, the state deliberately has formed an economic gap between clusters. Working...

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