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Is Adolescence Really About Fitting In Or Standing Out

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There can be many different reasons for behavior problems in adolescence. It can be because of fitting in or standing out, or even trying to get attention from people like your family, friends, or maybe even spouses. I think as a student that I do have a responsibility to the people that don’t fit in, but to an excitant. You can only help people as much as they want to be helped. You can include someone into all of your activity’s only so much. Some people don’t want to fit in with everyone else, some like to just be alone. Now most people don’t want to be alone, and want to have someone to let them know that they are included in everything.

When I was in 7th grade I was figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be, I would try and be like the girls that had all the friends and I would try and buy the clothes that I thought were “cool” at the time. If someone that was in a higher class than me told me to do something for them, or change the way I was, or even do something that could get me in trouble. I would just so that they would know I would do anything, and I was fun to be around. It wasn’t until later on when I hit my freshman year and met Dallas until I realized that you can be yourself, standout and still have friends that fit your social standers better.
In the book Lord of the Flies it shows how you have to be just like all the other boys to fit in, and because Piggy and Ralph couldn’t and wouldn’t be like the other boy’s they were the ones that stood out to the rest. Who’s fault was that? It was all of their faults, especially the one’s that made them feel like they were horrible people because they wouldn’t do what everyone else would. The book Lord of the Flies it is a lot like real life in the fact that if your different, & speak your own mind that you won’t fit in, and more or less you will get bullied for it.

I have three quote’s that I feel like fit this book and this essay. “Broken branch grafted onto a different family tree” to me this quote means that there are different families and different lives, but we are all apart of one world. In God’s eye’s we are all family, yet we are all different and some more different than other’s. In our world today we think of different people as being “Broken” (Different) so their grafted onto a different family tree (their put in a different social class like weird, nerdy, dirty,...

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