Is Adultery Moral? Essay

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When you look into society today, you see it everywhere, Adultery! It is almost impossible not to see it. No matter where you turn, there is evidence of adultery. From the White House to the house next door, you see either see it, or you hear about it.When former President Clinton was in Office, he committed it, and society did not really seem to mind, in fact, we elected him for a second term because of his honesty about the situation, or lack thereof. Not to mention the fact that his "crime" was plastered all over the television and the newspapers. So, is it safe to assume that because the President of the United States can do it, and get away with it, that it is something that has become socially acceptable in society?I have two real questions that I want to answer; I want to know in what respects is adulterous behavior fall within the domain of morality, if at all. I find it hard to see, under any circumstances, that adultery can be morally acceptable. Adultery is one topic that seems most prevalent when talking about the morals of sexuality.The second question that I feel it is important to examine is that of what is to be said about adultery, and I am not concerned if I stay within the arena of morality when I am doing this. I will, in other words that most can understand, to identify and review the major arguments that would be given by someone who is against adultery. I believe that these arguments view adultery as being immoral, and furthermore I really do not care if some of these arguments turn out to be in fact nonmoral arguments.The first argument that I am going to make for the fact that adultery is immoral is this: when one commits adultery, they are involved in the breaking of a promise. What makes adultery even more immoral is that the promise that it is breaking is by no means a small promise, in fact, it is a big promise. And the breaking of this promise, or adultery, is probably one of the causes that the United States has the highest divorce rate of any country in the world. But, I am not going to go there as that is not what this paper is about. To continue with this argument, when the two parties get married, they make a promise to each other that they will abstain from sexual relationships with other people. Because of this promise that is sacred, and is made at the time of marriage, it is safe to assume that both parties can live with the fact that they will both live conforming to that promise to be monogamous. Therefore, when one of the married people go off and have sexual relationships with another person, they break that promise about sexual relationships, and thereby defeats the reasonable expectation of sexual exclusivity by the other partner.In many cases, the immorality that is involved in the breaking of this promise may be a lot more serious then when one of the other marital promises are broken. This is definite, at least in my opinion, because this is a more important promise that is made when 2 people...

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