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Is Marketing A Science? Essay

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ABSTRACT.The common perception of marketing is that of an interdisciplinary field comprising knowledge from diverse fields of science, like business administration, sociology and mathematics. Despite - or probably because of this diversity - there have been extensive complaints about a deficit concerning the scientific status and the theoretical foundation of marketing. Marketing is still in a state of unresolved coexistence of theories, and in danger that the different schools of thought ignore each other. The intent of this paper is to critique the debate "Is Marketing a Science?" and hence the research question is: With the infrastructure development and various researches that took place in the last 50 years are we able to brand "Marketing as a science."In writing this paper, literature of the 1950s to present day and a few "emeritus" works has been referred.The structure of this paper is as follows: In the first part of the paper the historical perspective of the debate has been outlined, which is followed by assessment of the debate against the elements of marketing mix. Lastly the challenge for researchers in the future is given with a conclusion and references.INTRODUCTIONTo see whether or not marketing is science, it is first necessary to understand the term "Marketing." Marketing is many things; it is essentially behind the survival of most organizations. In today's world it is fast paced & dynamic and rewarding to successful practitioners while frustrating to those less fortunate. In a broad sense, marketing consists of all activities designed to generate or facilitate an exchange intended to satisfy human wants and needs. Business firms and non-profit organizations engage in marketing. Products marketed include goods as well as services, ideas, people and places. Marketing activities are targeted at markets consisting of product purchasers or consumers and also individuals and groups that influence the success of an organization.Many people think of marketing only as selling and advertising yet these are only two of many marketing functions. Marketing is not to be understood as just the sale of a product but instead described as satisfying customer needs. Selling occurs only after a product is produced, whereas by contrast marketing starts long before a company has a product. Marketing's role is to connect producers of products with potential consumers of these products. Marketing is a series of planning and management activities leading to a transaction between a seller and a buyer, it is a process that makes it possible to sell goods or services to people who want to buy them.Marketing is the homework that managers undertake to assess needs, measure their extent, intensity and determine whether a profitable opportunity exists or not. Marketing continues through the product's life, trying to find new customers and keep current customers by improving product appeal and performance, learning from product sales results and managing...

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