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Is Affirmative Action Ruining Equality? Essay

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Is affirmative action blinding colleges and universities? As colleges and universities push vigorously for the equality of races, they are making a larger problem than they are solving. Colleges and universities are attempting to solve inequality by offering scholarships and opportunities to certain races. In other words, colleges and universities are attempting to solve inequality by with inequality. While some states have banned affirmative action, the Supreme Court has yet to take a firm stand for or against it.
President John F. Kennedy issued an executive order in 1961 that government contractors should take affirmative action to prevent race, religion, and national origin from taking precedence in how they are treated and employed. President Lyndon B. Johnson expanded on this with an executive order in 1965 which prohibits discriminatory practices by government contracted and public companies—which includes public colleges and universities ( Do some societal and economic injustices still exist between African Americans and Whites?—Yes, but the gaps that these inequalities are producing are closing or have already closed in most cases, so these shrinking or diminished inequalities should not give colleges and universities the right to select future students based on race. Colleges and universities should be focusing on becoming intellectually diverse, not ethnically diverse. By restricting the ethnicity of accepted applicants, universities and colleges are robbing themselves of many people that could provide a positive change to the college.
Many organizations and colleges will offer scholarships to certain ethnicities or genders. College Prowler, a website designed for finding scholarships, will allow you to search for scholarships based on race. Caribbean, Greek, Eskimo, and Samoan can all be chosen but there is no option for Caucasian (Niche). The Former Majority Association for Equality is offering a scholarship to anyone who is male, has a 3.0 high school grade point average, and is at least twenty-five percent Caucasian. Scholarships are generally met with jubilee, instead this scholarship is met with animosity. If Caribbeans, Greeks, and Eskimos can have ethnically based scholarships, Caucasians should be able to as well, instead many are shocked that an organization would do such a thing. Mark Hill, Professor of Education in African American Studies at Columbia University, discussed this scholarship on Jansing & Co. with the president of The Former Majority Association for Equality, Colby Bohannon. During the discussion, Hill states that “white folk are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that the world might just be becoming a little bit more fair” (Jansing & Co.). If the world is to truly be fair, there must be equality. In other words,...

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