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Is America In A New Cold War With China?

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A cold war, by definition, is a state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war. It typically involves ideological, geopolitical, and economic strains between two or more nations but it never results in direct fighting. Usually a cold war would arise between two very powerful countries, such as the United States and China, which realize that an all out war would have an outcome that is a lot more harmful than helpful. Even though they are hostile to one another, they are afraid that a total war would have a negative effect on their ties with other countries that are indirectly related to the war. The countries want to jockey for position in their world power ranking but they do not want to go as far as to ruin what they already have built over the last couple centuries. This is the situation that China and the US will be in dreadfully soon, a new cold war.One man's trash is another man's treasure. This is often true when it comes to the relationship between the US and China. America's resentment of the African country Ethiopia in the late 1990s has opened the door for China to step in and act as the nation who comes to Ethiopia's aid and lend a helping hand to them in times of need. When Ethiopia went to war against their neighbor Eritrea, "the U.S. responded by evacuating its Peace Corps volunteers, scaling back military aid and issuing a security warning to U.S. citizens and companies" while China saw this as the perfect opportunity to expand its influence over the region by "dispatching even more diplomats, engineers, businessmen and teachers" (Leggett, 2005). Today, China has dominated the country building everything from schools and highways to mobile phone network companies. China was extremely smart, turning one little incident into a stepping stone to building its empire. The Chinese looks at this opportunity at not only an opening to tap into the huge amount of natural resources that Africa has to offer, but also a way to forge "deep economic, political, and military ties with most of Africa's 54 countries." They are looking way ahead into the future and how this can set up a strong relationship between China and almost the whole continent of Africa. America would have never seen this big picture had it been them that had formed this alliance with Ethiopia. They would have only seen the resources and the short term profit that they could make there and then abandon this whole expedition in a short while. China, on the other hand is taking this as a chance to "court other countries to support its plan to reassert political authority over Taiwan and seeking a counterweight against U.S. power in global bodies such as the United Nations. It's also thinking long-term, cultivating desperately poor nations to serve as markets for its products decades down the road." They are already preparing for the long, harsh cold war coming up ahead in the very near future.China has also taken an active...

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