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Is America’s Education System Broke? Essay

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One in seven adults in America will not be able to read this paper (Toppo). This is an alarming fact to me, because if they can’t read this then what can they read? There are many factors which have led to the failed education system of the United States. Some of the main factors that have led to this ongoing problem have connections with this economic hardship we are facing. Teachers and schools budgets are being cut which is harshly affecting education. Schools are leaning towards standardized tests to determine if a student has learned what they should through the curriculum. By these testing methods being forced on students and teachers, this affects what is taught in a class room by forcing teachers to lean more towards teaching about testing methods and what may be on the test. This also can take away from students learning the curriculum and focusing on passing these standardized tests. Also, with time passing it seems like our education system should be improving which should result in our literacy rate improving, but it is not improving rather we are stuck while other countries decrease their illiteracy rate. All these reasons have proved that America’s education system is failing, and is broken.
With the current economic crisis, teacher’s budgets are being cut. This has many rippled effects that the government needs to realize. Budget cuts affect not only teachers, but the students by supplying them with less school materials such as text books, and learning tools which keep students interested by doing fun activities. Without being able to updated text books, students will have to study outdated information, and learning incorrect information. There will also be less technology purchases which enable students to do homework, and projects. The technology purchases can also help students get interested in careers such as graphic design, by not being able to take elective courses students may never be exposed to the option. Fewer electives will be able to take place such as music, and internship programs which future ready students for the future and opens their eyes to possible future careers. Along with all these changes, class sizes will increase. By a larger class size, teachers will not be able to focus on students as much individually causing students to gain a lack of care towards the class, and “cooperative learning and other more complex activities” will not be able to be done due to the fact with a large class size it is “just too difficult to manage” (Kelly). With the activities being decreased students may not be as attentive to their academics, drop out, or not even put thought into college. Many older and smaller schools have been forced to close down and join into a different newer and bigger school. This transition has put teachers out of jobs, and affect students by moving “to an unfamiliar setting [which] can be both mentally and emotionally draining” (Kelly). Teachers whose jobs are taken, or have decided to move to...

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