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Is Animal Extinction Really Such As Bad Thing?

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Animal is one of the gifts given by Allah SWT. Many people love to keep and care animals like cats, birds, chickens and others as their pets at house. They could release their stress by playing and feed these animals. Besides, zoologist also keep and care for the animals, whether it is wild or tame at the zoo for the visitors to come in their vacations and take pictures. For the wild one such as tigers and lions, the animals’ trainer will train them first from birth until they grow up. It will be teaches how to eat, drink, sleep and how to greet visitors. Through this, the animals could become tame and friendly with the people and does not scare the children who come to play with them. But in recent years, there are news about the animal extinction happening around the world and as for me, I think it really such a bad thing.
When the extinction of animals happens, it will decrease the number and populations of the animals on the earth. It will require more energy and time for the hunters to find these special species to make experiment or to make a television show about these animals. The hunters have to searched at day or night, whether if it dangerous or not just to know about the truly existence of these animals. These kind of animals would be hard to find because they like to hide their presence from been seen by the hunters. Besides, these animals also could be more aggressive to the people. This will cause the animals to attacks and bite the people who try to get closer to them. This is because they were afraid that the people may hunt and kill them. The ecosystem also could be unstable when amount of animals lesser that the amount of trees on the earth. But, if the numbers of animal increases, the placed served for them would be limited. They will fight against each other to get foods, partners and place which then cause the loser one enter people’s village to obtain foods and place to live. This will affect the safety and security of the villagers especially to the children.

More than that, future generations also will not know about some of the species live in this world. They will be left in dazed and does not know what to answer when have been asking by the elders about some of the animals that...

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