Is Animal Research Unethical? Essay

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Animal Lab Spring 2014
Professor: Ashley Oneill
In today’s society and modern medicine animals are extremely important in research, specifically translational research. Translational research is research that applies its findings to medical practices as well as a myriad of other fields in order to positively affect the subjects (Rubio et al. 470-475). Research cannot be done on humans due to moral reasons therefore animals are used. To ensure the animals are not mistreated during research the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) must approve research projects requiring the use of animals. Certain animals are used during research lets find out which animals and why.
One phylum that’s prominent in research is chordates. This phylum includes a wide variety of animals ranging from birds and snakes to rats and mice. Chordates are presumed to be the descendants of echinoderms and date back to the ...view middle of the document...

Rats and Mice are more commonly used than other animals for a vast number of reasons. One reason is these mammals share similar characteristics with humans. These include things such as, physiology and suffering from majority of the same diseases. Other reasons these particular animals are popular in research include their cheap maintenance, they can be observed through out their entire life, they reproduce in large numbers and the environment in which they are studied can be manipulated easily. The similarities Rats and Mice share with humans along with the other attributes mentioned are what makes them perfect for translational research. The drugs and procedures tested on these animals are also applicable to human disease, but this is not always the case. Even though there are several similarities and advantages to using these animals during research there are some differences that makes research somewhat difficult. Humans differ from rats and mice in terms of certain immune responses and genetic makeup even though the genetic make up is very similar. These two factors can create problems when applying the discoveries to humans. Humans might respond completely different to a drug than a Mouse or Rat did, the possibility for this issue is the slight difference in genetic makeup. It is also harder to control a humans environment and this can present a problem when creating beneficial drugs and procedures (De Graaff, Crawley. 83), (, (
Some people and organizations deem animal research as unethical and are completely against animals being subjects of translational research. I however disagree with these individuals and organizations to a certain extent. Some of these drugs and procedures may be unethical to use and do on animals, however for the benefit of humans I am for the use of all animals in research. If these people and organizations realized how big of an impact these animals had on medicine and its advancement they would change their views. Without the use of animals in translational research some drugs and medical procedures would not exist.

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