Is Animal Testing Bad Or Good?

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Vaccines. Insulin. Makeup. Moisturizer. All of these have been developed, tested, and claimed safe for human use. How? Animal testing. Since nearly 500 BC, research and testing on living animals for human purpose has introduced hundreds of new medicinal and cosmetic advances for the human race. While some may see the advantages, others see the concept as just completely inhumane and unnecessary. Why is there such a big divide? The reason, simply, is because of the lack of education on the issue. Being one of the most controversial issues in America today, many people believe animal testing should be replaced by other methods like testing on bacteria and animal hormones because animal ...view middle of the document...

In the end, human beings are wasting thousands of dollars, killing these helpless animals for no good reason, and committing inhumane and cruel acts (PETA). But what can be done?
Several alternatives to testing on animals have been developed by scientists from the USA to China. These tests include human cells and tissues, advanced computer model techniques, and studies with human volunteers (PETA). Not only do these techniques save the animals, but they also save time and money. Created by Harvard’s Wyss Institute, “organs-on-chips” have already been turned into useful products by some companies and can be manipulated in place of animals. They are small chips that contain human cells grown in a cutting edge system that mimics the structure and function of human organs and organ systems. Since they nearly replicate human physiology, disease, and drug responses, they have the potential to become very successful in becoming a permanent alternative to animal testing. With the rise of technology, computers are becoming more and more advanced, which is why computer, or “in silico” modeling, is also one of the most innovative alternatives at this time. These intricately designed computer programs simulate human biology and progression of developing diseases. When a drug is being tested, the computer can predict the outcome as if it were a real human or animal body. If those computer models are not being used, real human volunteers are tested. These volunteers are given an extremely small one-time drug dose and innovative imagining techniques are used to monitor how the body reacts to the drug (PETA). It is true that all of these methods can together save time and money, so why does animal testing even exist and, more importantly, why do people even support it?
While animal testing may seem inhumane, cruel, and certainly avoidable, it is actually the safest and most progressive method around today when concerning the well-being of those human beings that will use the products after they are tested. Jacqueline Traide’s brave attempt at showing the world what the animals go through is certainly respected; however, the conditions were dramatized. 98% of the animals tested are not in pain and do not die due to the testing conditions and to help protect the left over 2% scientists are constantly following the 3 R’s- reduction, refinement, and replacement (BBC). By improving experimental techniques and sharing information with other researches, the number of animals used are being reduced. With refined experiments that include less invasive techniques, better medical care and better living conditions, the animals are suffering less. If scientists were to replace animals with cell cultures or computer models rather than the animals themselves, then less animals would be needed for testing. Unfortunately; however, the use of computers, cell cultures, and actual humans is flawed because they do not provide an ample comparison to humans and since these...

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