Is Any Type Of Relationship Reasonable?

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Is any type of relationship reasonable?

"An eye for an eye makes the world go blind" by Gandhi. This states, that when one takes an eye one gives an eye. It suggests, that when a person takes a reason for their relationship, and gives a reason for their relationship then the relationship is reasonable. Eventually, any relationship can make the world go blind because in every relationship there is a reason to be in it. Therefore, Stephen Chbosky's book The Perks of being a Wallflower illustrates, any type of relationship is reasonable when it occurs in once family, friends and themselves.

Indeed, the first key element is family just like the relationship between Charlie and his sister Candace. In particular, "I went into the house and I found my sister crying in the basement." This states, that Candace has had a difficult time in her relationship with her boyfriend. Eventually, the phrase" difficult time with her boyfriend" suggests that she couldn't share her thoughts with her parents but she only shared her thoughts with Charlie. As a result, she had told Charlie the reason she was crying was because she was "pregnant" which made Charlie surprised. In addition, Charlie is her brother and she trusted him who will always be supported towards her and help her when she is in a difficult situation. Lastly, this shows that how much she tells Charlie to stop getting involved in her relationship she still needs him to be supportive. Finally, their relationship is reasonable because both show affection towards each other.

Futhermore, the second key element is friends shows which the relationship between Brad and Patrick. For instance, "Patrick kept a secret to why Brad showed up". Since, the word "secret" means Patrick and Brad have been in a long-term relationship in secret with nobody knowing about it. For example, "When most people left, Patrick and Brad went into Patrick's room". Well, the phrase "Brad showed up" means Brad and Patrick needed privacy so he invited Brad to his party so...

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