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Is Art Fundamental? Essay

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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”-Andy

Warhol. For so many years now, it seems as if everyone is trying to change something, for the simple

reason that its not relevant to what is acceptable in “societies standards”. I find this to be true in the

way art is being weaved out of the whole school curriculum, because its not up to status with being

academically successful with standardized testing. What about just letting a child have an imagination?

Art is so important for a child to have in their everyday life as a learning tool. For instance, if a

child didn’t know what a circle or square is, then they wouldn’t know how to ...view middle of the document...

K, Rosier, T. J, 2013) of every

day life. In reflection art imitates memory, as well as memory can imitate art.

One gratification for keeping the arts in school is that art makes you smarter. There is

assumption that art classes improve children's scores on the SAT's and other tests in the classroom. “Its

true that students involved in the arts do better on standardized testing, than those who aren’t

involved”(Winner and Hetland 2008) in the art curriculum. Others find this to be uncanny, and that art

has no real bases to accurately prove that art programs can improve students grades and learning skills;

which suggesting that the references are too broad to have any profound influence to measure the

outcome of a test with the use of the arts. Then we see the art programs in schools to be cut out and

disappear, not only for budget reasons, but for the fact that there is “no state exams for art education

as there are for areas such as math and science”(Winner and Hetland 2008). Meaning that arts may be

valuable, but is not emphasized in practice, more or less that students are only require to participate (or

in other words “just show up”) in art class for credit. However, by eliminating the art classes we may

be losing the most important thing of all, the quality to produce creativity, artists for the futures, and

modern leaders who could improve the world in which we...

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