Is Assisted Suicide Ethical? Are There Cases Where It Is Ethical Or Not Ethical?

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The question that comes to my mind when I think about assisted suicide is, "What would God think." Everyone has different religious beliefs; therefore, since this is a paper on my opinion I will answer my question with my own religious beliefs. I think that God would think it is murder. I can not say what I would do if my husband was suffering everyday and continuously begging for me or someone else to end his life. I feel that if a person wants to die to end their suffering it is their own right to make that decision, but I also believe that God would not consent to it. To put down in words how I feel on this issue is a difficult task, because I feel one way and believe that God would feel another.I have never considered how I feel on this subject and do not know a lot about it, so I did a little research on it and it was in shock at the amount of information and websites you can find. There is so much controversy over the issue, kind of like the controversy I that is in my heart between how I feel and what I think God would feel. There are states and countries where it is legal, and there are states and countries where it is not. Again I feel that a person should have control over the way they die and not the government. How they choose to die is between themselves and God and should not be a decision made by another man. Then, again I feel that it should only be allowed to be done by a physician, to me it would be murder for a spouse or family member to aid someone in ending their life, whether it is consented or not.Most websites I found were named "death with dignity" or "dignity in dying", to me there is no dignity in dying, when one dies they go on to a place where dignity is not required. They will never know how they were seen in dying once they are gone, so I don't understand what dignity has to do with it. I don't understand why it is so publicized, to me that is a personal private...

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