Is Atticus A Good Father? Essay

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In life, we all face responsibility and challenges to some degree. Some people may have lots of responsibility and challenges on their hands when others have very little of it. But in the eyes many, parenting would have to be one of the most demanding jobs due to the huge amounts of responsibility, challenge, and guidance involved. Being a parent is never easy as there will be ups and downs as time moves on. At the end of the day, it’s the parents who shape the children- influencing their everyday lives. In the book, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, we meet many parents who fall under different classes. There’s the Ewells- part the lowest class with less care in their family, the Cunninghams -part of the lower middle class struggling with finance,and then there’s the Finches- being in the upper middle class. Now, each of these parents have their own style of parenting. This is because of the circumstances each of them are in. And with Scout Finch (daughter) being the protagonist we get to see her father, Atticus Finch, in action. I strongly believe that Atticus is a good father because his morals mean well, his actions are great, and his image is perfect.

We can clearly see from the book that Atticus is a good man. He is well mannered, kind, and very wise. We never see Atticus act as oddly as some of the other character do. And since they’re all living in hard times, the Great Depression, it doesn’t help that the economy is crap but for some strange reason Atticus seems to be the only person that is calm and collected- normal. For example, there’s this one section of the book where the whole town is going crazy because of a house fire. Everybody is losing their minds but luckily for Maycomb, Atticus was one of the few people who were able to focus on the priorities and step up. It’s also apparent to see that Atticus looks at the bigger picture of every situation- all the important things versus the little ones. This is evident when Atticus told his children, Scout and Jem, to be wary of any banter about Atticus and to take it and let it go.

Another reason why Atticus is such a good father is because of the actions he does that help more than just himself- he helps make the world become a better place. In the story, Scout goes to her father for advice on life subjects many times...

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