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Is Atticus Finch An Ideal Parent?

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What would have happened if Atticus wasn’t Scout and Jem’s father? In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is an ideal parent, and shows how an active parent can affect their child more than a passive parent, who just uses words.

One way that Atticus shows that he an ideal parent is that he teaches his children through real life events. This is shown to the reader after Jem gets angry at Mrs. Dubose, who is a dying morphine addict, and tears up all her camellias. As punishment, Mrs. Dubose wants Jem “to come over every afternoon after school and Saturdays and read to her out loud for two hours” (Lee 137). Atticus makes Jem go to show his children the value of commitment and following through on their actions. After she dies, Atticus also uses her to show Jem that true courage “is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what”(Lee 147). This shows how Atticus wants his children to believe in whatever they want, even if others do not agree with that belief, and not let anyone change it by force. Later in the novel, Atticus shows that he is an ideal parent by letting his children experience the unfairness of their society. He does this by letting Scout and Jem stay at Tom Robinson’s trial, and lets them discover how the system was corrupt, while normal people would have shielded their children. He lets his children find out that this world is unfair, which is an important lesson. This shows the potent effects of teaching your children though real life events.

He also shows he is an ideal parent when he cares for his children by helping them get through their problems. At the start of the book, Scout has a rough first day of school, due to the fact that Miss Caroline said that she couldn’t read with Atticus anymore. Instead of forcing her to go to school, Atticus decides...

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