Is Australia Still Called 'the Lucky Country'?

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Many people think Australia is the ‘lucky country’. This is because Australia is known for its picturesque landscape and the multiculturalism in this country. However, there are issues that recently appeared. This includes the harsh climates of the Australian outback and the discrimination in this country.

Australia is still a lucky country because it has the beautiful landscape. Australia has many beautiful environments such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, the Blue Mountains and beautiful beaches. In Dorothea Mackellar’s poem (My Country), she expressed how much she loves the natural landscape. Te imagery of ‘the sapphire-misted mountains’ highlights Mackellar’s appreciation of the ...view middle of the document...

Yu Ouyang highlights in his poem ‘I Am A Man of Multiple Identity’ that when he emigrated to Australia, he was told Australia is a multicultural society. He highlights the fact that ‘during tea break people fall into groups according to their different nationalities’. This means he is appreciating the fact that Australia allowed immigrants to settle in the country. Another line says ‘they buy and read their own newspapers written in their own languages’, which means Australia accepts different cultures. Therefore, this is the reason why Australia is still considered a ‘lucky country’.

On the other hand, even though Australia is multicultural, the stereotypical Westerners still discriminate immigrants and refugees. This includes the Lambing Flat riots, the Kalgoorlie Mines race riots, the Broome race riots and the Cronulla riots. In Uyn Leowald’s poem ‘Be Good, Little Migrants’, she highlights the fact that ‘mainstream’ Australians would allow immigrants to come into the country but discriminate them. She uses sarcasm in her poem. One stanza said ‘be good, little migrants. Give us your faithful service, sweep factories, clean mansions, prepare cheap exotic food pay taxes, feed the mainstream’. This highlights the fact that even though Australia is known for its multicultural society, there are still people who treat immigrants like slaves. Another stanza said ‘be good, little migrants. You may fight one another, but attend Sunday School, learn manners, keep your violence within your culture, save industry from criminals’. This means Westerners judge immigrants by their appearance and assume that they are violent,...

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