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Is Availability Of Petroleum Products A Curse Or Blessing To Nigeria?

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1.0IntroductionIt is obvious that the advent of oil business in Nigeria has not really brought with it any tangible benefits; instead it ushered in high degradation of the environment, with attendant poverty and much strife. Following review of literature, it is asserted that Negative development outcomes are similarly associated with oil and, indeed, mineral production in general. The dominant outcomes are the tendency for an inverse relationship between economic growth and natural resource abundance and the sustained poor performance on such social indicators such as education and health. These oil -related negative outcomes have come to be referred to as oil resource curse which operates through a number of channels. Therefore, from documented work and present crisis in the Niger Delta, availability of petroleum products in Nigeria is a curse rather than blessing following the structural change of the Nigerian State since 1958 when oil exploration began.This paper is segmented into Introduction, Overview of Nigerian State and Niger Delta, Curse Incidence of Petroleum on Nigeria and Conclusion.2.0Overview of Nigeria and Niger Delta:The name Nigeria was derived from the River Niger. She lies between latitude 4 degrees and 14 degrees north of the equator and 3 degrees east of the Greenwich meridian and she is bounded on the west by Benin Republic, on the north by Niger Republic, on the east by the Republic of Cameroon and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria has a population of over 160 million people of over 250 dialectical ethnic groups speaking about 400 languages.Nigeria is blessed with Human Resources and a number of natural resources located across the country such as Coal and Zinc in Udi Hill near Enugu and Abakaliki, Tin and Columbite in the Plateau areas in Pleateau State and Petroleum in the Niger Delta etc. Today, petroleum is the most prominent of all the Mineral resource the country is endowed with.The Niger Delta is naturally endowed with viable deposits of hydrocarbon and gas reserves and best known as a region that sustains much oil exploration and exploitation for its significantly high level of oil reserves. The Niger Delta comprises of nine states, namely, Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo and Rivers States measuring about 70,000 Square Kilometers and lies in the southern part of Nigeria. The area is bounded in the north by Enugu, Ebonyi, Anambra, Kogi and Ekiti states, with the Atlantic coast forming the general boundary in the south. There are four broad ecological zones existing in this region. Namely, they are coastal inland/coastal sandy barrier ridge zone, mangrove swamp zone, fresh water swamp zone and lowland rain forest zone. These ecological zones provide variegated opportunities for development which include outlining the pattern of farming and non-farming activities as well as the settlement pattern in the area.3.0Petroleum Curse on NigeriaPetroleum industry has been associated with...

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