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Is Bad Girls' Club Really That Bad?

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As many may know, television has become less cautious as to what is being showed. Television shows are now revealing certain aspects and situations that should not be displayed. One show that has grown to be a major problem is Bad Girls’ Club, created by Jonathan Murray. A blogger by the name of Bea Blessing states that, “The Bad Girls’ Club is definitely an American reality television line that parodies womanhood and follows the lives regarding seven ladies with several personalities, behavior and subconscious problems, as they live collectively in a house while in three months.” This show undermines females on many different levels, and it is indeed a show that thrives on negativity. These seven ladies live together for three months, have no job, and display immoral behavior. In fact, during a 30-minute episode, you can expect to find grown women constantly fighting, using provocative language, drinking and partying excessively, and even transporting random men from the club to in and out of their home. This type of content is a major problem because adolescents feel the need to believe that this behavior is acceptable. As a result, children show an increase in violence and a chance that they will engage in sex prematurely. Children, as well as teenagers, are receptive to what they see on television; therefore, they are more likely to mimic that type of behavior.
Kate Moody, author of Growing Up On Television: the TV Effect, explains, “TV gives children an unreal perception of the world of material goods” (50). The show makes it seem as if violence , sexual escapades, and partying are the only thing that life is about. Although Bad Girls’ Club is not a show intended for younger audiences, children find themselves watching and comprehending the behaviors shown to them. Bad Girls’ Club creates many problems that people are unaware of. The show, which is rated TV-14, promotes violence, drinking, and promiscuity. All of these are circumstances that are not viewable for a fourteen year old. During every episode, the ladies will aggressively confront one another, which leads to them fighting. Not only will you find the ladies fighting, but you will also find the ladies engaging in sexual activities. This establishes a problem because it allows the adolescents to perceive that the way the ladies are behaving are acceptable. The main problem that Bad Girls’ Club creates is the perception that there are no consequences for your actions, when in reality, there are many consequences for how one behaves.
Tiffiny Jackson, a Prevention Specialist for Aletheia House, which is a substance abuse treatment prevention and supportive housing program, believes that Bad Girls’ Club has a negative effect on those individuals who have a weak mind and think that their lifestyle is reality. Children have a weaker mindset than adults because they are not fully aware of who they are just yet. Children who view TV become involved in three processes: (1) they are...

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