Is Break Time/Playtime Valuable In The Primary School?

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Break times and playtimes are ubiquitous in teaching institutions to include both primary and secondary schools. In other words, this is to say that in this setting of learning there are some set breaks meant for recreational purposes (Blatchford, 1998: 22). According to published studies, in the United Kingdom, breaks are expected to take place during the morning hours, short break, and others will take place after the lunch break and the afternoon break, longer breaks. During the break time, pupils and students have different experiences where they can evaluate their overall feelings about the school life. According to Lee (2014), ‘When kids are free to play on their own, they can use their imaginations. They can interact with each other and develop problem-solving skills, learn how to cooperate and share, develop empathy, and learn self control.’ Sadly, in some schools valuable break time has been reduced in favour of more academic pursuit within the classroom. The school playground becomes one of a few places where children can engage in free outdoor play with their friends.

On brief, during the break time, friends who not necessarily come from a common class can engage in sharing of experiences as well as coming up with new games relatively in a safe environment. It is during this period when crucial and significant networks are created, a period when fall out can occur, this also creates a chance when new conflict resolution strategies can be devised (Blatchford, 1998: 22). This is a time when pupils and students are free and it is also a time when there is creation of social life independence from classroom. It is during this period when the rules of conduct rely at high extent on the students and activities of concern are based more on the students’ initiatives.

From the above discussion it then implies that, it is during this break time when students are able to interact freely with their colleagues giving room to exchange of interests. It is in this connection that this essay attempts to discuss on the importance bestowed upon the importance of break time based on the students view, teachers, parents and any other stakeholder taking part in the education sector. Break time has always been a major concern in the education context until recent times when the playtime both in primary schools has been taken for granted. Very little research has been conducted in an attempt to establish the negative effects that could be associated with the undirected and informal activities currently taking place in schools basically out of the little concern bestowed upon the daily activities of the pupils and students (Blatchford,1998: 36).

2.0 Why do students have Play time and break time?
In Britain the term ‘break time’ is commonly used to refer to secondary, taking 11 years to 16 years, while on the other had ‘play time’ refers to the primary school, 4 years to 11 years. A lot of emphasis has been put on the use of playtime and utilization...

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