Is Canada In Danger Of Breaking Apart Or Civil War?

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Is Canada in danger of breaking apart or Civil War?Canada is in a slight danger of breaking apart, yet it is probable that Canada is not in danger of civil war. The basis for the separation of Yugoslavia's various cultures was due to ethno-nationalism. When compared to Yugoslavia's conditions prior to their break-up, Canada's situation is somewhat similar; although, Yugoslavia and Canada are entirely different countries on a variety of levels with a completely diverse history.Previous to Yugoslavia's break-up, it was a nation containing various cultures, known as a multi-nation state. The country was composed of mainly Slovenes, Croats, Serbs and Bosnians. All have a distinct language and religion. Slovenes and Croats are Roman Catholic, Serbs Eastern Orthodox, and Bosnians Muslim. It was these differences in religions that acted as the basis for their separation. Yugoslavia once had a strong dictator in power that held the country together, yet when he stepped down the country fractured along racial lines and broke up. Yugoslavia has also had a history of animosity since World War Two.Canada is similar in the fact that it has two diverse cultures: English Canada and French Canada. They both have distinct religions with the French Canada being mostly Roman Catholic and English Canada having a large population of Anglican and Protestant. Unlike the break-up of Yugoslavia, religion is not so much of an issue, yet language is. Roman Catholicism and Reform Traditions (Anglican, Baptist, United, Pentecostal, Protestant, etc.) do not have such extreme differences as Muslim, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Language cultural differences are more intensely different, although religions difference could play a small part. French Canada is quite concerned about preserving their culture. Canada does not have any strong dictators in power; yet, Trudeau was a strong, politically knowledgeable leader who could have been a part of holding Canada together with the idea of coast to coast bilingualism. Canada has had a history of animosity but not that of the same degree as Yugoslavia. The only history of deep animosity was the expulsion of Acadians (when they were put in boats and sent out to sea, also massacred) and the Louie Riel Rebellion. But, it is significant to know that all of this occurred prior to the confederation, while Canada was not yet Canada.Quebec perceives itself as a nation and constitutes a nation. It has all of the components necessary: a major religion, language, history or background, culture of its own, stable population, defined boundaries, government system and economy. Because of this, it is possible for it to break apart from Canada successfully.Canada...

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