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Is Cancer The Enemy? Essay

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Is Cancer the Enemy?
When you think of cancer, the words terminal sickness and death probably enter your mind. However, although cancer is a terminal sickness, it can change a person’s life and perspective. In the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, the protagonist is suffering from lung cancer. In a mental and emotional journey, she learns what true love is. Love is the thing that keeps her alive even during the hard times and helps her to live a normal life. With love, she is able to face a life without Augustus, with love, she is able to live her life to the fullest, and with love, she is able to stop worrying about being a grenade and being able to take down the walls to let in ...view middle of the document...

Another quote that proves she is a grenade is “I’m a grenade’… ‘I just want to stay away from people and read books and think.’” She admits that she is a grenade and she wants to protect the ones she loves by not getting close to them. It proves that she is a considerate girl who loves her family, friends, etc., but she just does not want to ruin their lives when she dies, leaving a wake of ruins and destruction.
In the middle of this emotional journey, Hazel learns that with love, she can live her life like any normal kid without worrying about exploding and affecting people. She learns how to live her life that it was her last day while at the same time, not worrying about getting close to people. She meets a boy named Augustus Waters who helps her to know what a normal life feels like, specifically, having a love life. After one meeting, they go from acquaintances and not really knowing each other to falling in love and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend who do everything together. “His gait was crooked like his smile.” This quote is significant in that it affected Hazel when she first saw him at the Support Group, where she did not want to go to in the first place. His gait was crooked because he had had cancer in his leg before they had amputated his leg. She was affected because he had been staring at her for quite a while and, more importantly, she had noticed that he was...

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