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Is Capital Punishment Just? Essay

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Is Capital Punishment Just?

Many people often debate over the legitimacy over capital punishment, whether or not a person can receive the death penalty as a punishment if he or she commits an act of murder. Some argue that the death penalty is a justly act against dangerous criminals while others argue that the penalty is immoral, playing the role of God, and does not even lower the crime rate one bit. In fact, the death penalty is a severe punishment with some negative outcomes at times, but overall, it was placed in this world to serve the sole purpose of protecting our people from violent and dangerous deviants. When used properly, just for cases in which the murder or crime was so heinous, justice is being served for the victim and the rest of the world is being protected from being the possible next victim.

There are two major authors who describe their views on the act of capital punishment. One man, Robert Lee, shows his side as the standpoint of the man finding justice for the family of victims and hoping for peace among our community without the threat of an escape killer at large. First off, if any man is being placed on trial of a death penalty case, the act, whether it be rape or murder, has been a most gruesome one. Simple murders and one shot killing do not go into the capital punishment courtrooms. The men and women who see these particular courtrooms are those who decided to go out and pre-meditate a killing or defamation (forcing sexual intercourse) of another human being. Lee does not feel that deterrence should be considered the main reason for adhearing the death penalty. It would be unmoral to punish a man merely as an example to other men, "don't do this or you will be killed like this here man." If a punishment given to one person deters someone else from committing the same act, then great, that is an extra strengthened to help our community's peace. The main question should be, when dealing with capital punishment is, has the criminal at hand deserved to receive the punishment of being taken off of this planet. Has he entailed such a gruesome act, and taken an innocent life, and inflicted pain into the hearts of many mourning family members?
As for the price of court costs, lawyers, and appeals, Lee lets us know, it is but the abolitionists' and defenders of the criminals that are responsible for the interminable legal activities that run up the costs sky high. When people say, "Capital punishment costs our government too much money," little do they realize, it is the repetitive appeals, time consuming delays, and unprogressive pace of the trial that causes the bills in each case. It is not capital punishment itself running up the bills. Nowadays, the American Bar Association requires two lawyers to be present for each and every stage of the court proceedings and require both lawyers to have experience in the field of capital punishment. This costs more money because the lawyers are state...

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