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Is Capital Punishment Moral? Essay

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Is capital punishment an equal consequence for the death and killing of another person? Should we even consider this an option, or should we make the senseless individual rot behind the walls of a prison, where they are treated like the criminal they are. Even though every action deserves the consequence equal to the level of crime, capital punishment should be considered before we use it to take another persons’ life because in our judicial system things may go awry that may lead to false imprisonment. False imprisonment would contribute to killing another innocent. What kind of crime could a person commit that there punishment is nonetheless the death sentence? Some of the crimes like rape, murder, pretty much any criminal acts should be considered before taking the individuals life.
Capital punishment is considered morally wrong, because it is taking an individual’s life in a very cruel and unusual manor. Some people disagree with this because of the saying “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” but, in the legal sense of it all it is wrong to give the criminal an easy way out (Williams 22). Do you not believe that if we kill the criminal who committed the crimes, we are not letting them reach the consequence that most criminals fear a life sentence in prison? Most criminals fear this sentencing because they hate the feeling of waking up to have to watch their back, and listening to someone every second of everyday of their lives. So killing them for their horrible actions is letting them off easy and leads me to my next topic of why waste money on the prolonging the trials of these senseless individuals, when we can just let them sit and think about the individual they killed, their family, and what they should have done. Most crimes that are committed are coming from moments of intense rage, frustration, hatred, or fear when the criminal is not thinking of their consequences for their actions (Kronenwetter 27). This does not mean that the individual is not fully aware of what crime they have just committed; therefore they should suffer the consequences. Although it is said that capital punishment may encourage murder, for those who think they have less to lose if you are caught so they kill and kill again (Kronenwetter 31). When this happens, the criminal expects the judge or jurors to sentence them to death, they look at it as a form of suicide therefore they do not have to live with the fact they took the life of an individual and had to sit in prison and think about it every day of their life (Kronenwetter 40). Pros and cons on capital punishment usually deter the thoughts of individuals on whether it is right or wrong.
Capital Punishment is a cruel and unusual punishment. We can handle capital punishment differently in the terms of just taking the life. We can consider life without parole not just for minors who committed a crime while they were under the age of eighteen, but at the same time for all those who committed a...

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