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Is Capitalism The Best Route To Human Happiness?

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Executive Summary.Is Capitalism the best route to human happiness? After evaluating the options between capitalism and communism, it was decided that including a few identified faults capitalism can lead to overall happiness. Some of the identified options from communism were the control of the government and how it would dictate to the individual regardless of their social being. This meant that communism would not provide self-reliant satisfaction to the individual regardless of its proposed benefits. These determinants on communism were weighed alongside the conclusive review of the capitalistic rewards of individual empowerment; therefore, it was determined the reported benefit of capitalism is the greater and more productive to society than is communism. The conclusion also identifies an interview from someone who has experienced first hand both capitalism and communism environments.Introduction:Capitalism versus Communism, which structure of society, can lead to the greater abundance of human happiness? One should first identify human happiness in terms of what they expect from society. What is it that would make someone happy in regards to the rules and regulations in which they would live? Does most of the populous believe that reward would come from the government making the exclusive decisions for them to where they don't have much to be concerned with? Does it mean that the individual would be faced with making their own decisions that would in turn justify their (and their families) life? They could decide what church to attend, what types of clothes to wear. Their decision about their life will be in their control. If they like their job they can work hard to keep it; If not they have the availability to find another job.Communism is identified as having government control, the reason for which is described by Karl Marx on pg 2 of Taking Sides:"if people are left to their own self-interested devices, those who own the means of production will rapidly reduce everyone else to virtual slaves. Although the few may be fabulously happy, all others would live in misery."Capitalism, on the other hand, is an economic system in which most business transactions are in private hands and operate under a market syste. Adam Smith wrote"If self interest people are left alone to seek their own economic advantage, the result unintended by anyone of them, will be greater advantage for all."He also states that government interference is not necessary to protect the general welfare.The group has concluded the capitalistic society in which we live (which is not a true capitalistic society) is more likely to lead to the happiness that is identified by Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, which will lead to more happiness of the individual person in addition to being the most productive participants of this society. This concept of Maslow's theory, identified as #7, is self actualization; which is to find self-fulfillment and realize ones potential.Key Issue...

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