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Is Censoring Television A Denial Of Reality?

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Although people may have valid reason to protest the entertainment industry's legal right to produce violence, may it also be a valid statement to say that violence is only another part of our being that we deny exists? Andrew Klavan, an author that has written several popular pieces, argues that violence is nothing more than a natural part of human nature. Within his essay, In Praise of Gore, he refers to it as the Catharsis of Terror. The outward release of one's pent up desire for violence, brutality, and gore. According to Klavan, going to a movie and watching a man wearing a hockey mask slaughter hormone driven teenagers is actually healthy for us. Not only does he believe it is healthy, he believes that it's enjoyed."Not that people are essentially violent, but that they are violent among other things and the violence has to be repressed." (Pg494) Klavan makes this statement in his explanation of why we enjoy it. He feels that it is only a dream of Utopian minds that if you repress something long enough, it will just disappear. If we ignore it and shrug it off as though it isn't there, it is going to find other means of getting seen. Perhaps this is the explanation for villains becoming icons for their movies, such as Hannibal Lector, or Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street. These are always the first things that come to mind when speaking of one of their movies. There is another view of the positive and negative effects of violence in the media. "Virtually all independent scholars agree that there is evidence that television can cause aggressive behavior." - Scheer Pg 486 It is Robert Scheer's opinion that violence in our books and in our television shows can do no good and much harm. He believes, unlike Klavan, that violence has an affect on people like that of a plague. The people will watch it on television, or listen to it in music, and be influenced. Some will be so influenced that they will actually copy what they have seen or heard. In one instance, a two-year-old girl was tortured and mutilated by two ten year old boys. During the trial of the two boys, the judge made an unusual statement that he suspected that the boys had been allowed to watch violent movies. This was an unexpected statement from the judge. It is likely that the judge said this based on his own personal beliefs about television violence. Whatever his reasoning, it spread through the media like wild fire. As far as anyone was concerned, it was all the "Video Nasties" fault. If you were to ask another author by the name of Cannon, he would whole-heartedly agree. Cannon believes, like Scheer, that violence on the big screen is a terrible part of our society.If people were so set against seeing violence on their television sets during prime time in the evening, would they not turn it off? The news does not focus on horrific acts of violence because people turn it off. They focus on it because people are drawn to it. They are aware that the more brutal...

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