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Is Censorship Good Or Bad For Our Society

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Censorship is considered bad for our society in many peoples eyes because it is blocking us from knowing the truth about lots of things. But is blocking us from things always a good result? I believe that censorship does both good and bad for our society. When we get blocked from knowing things because our government doesnt want us to know about certain things, we eventually will know about it becuase of technology now of days. People will hack into certain websites to get things that are supposed to be censored from us, and if one person finds out something then a lot of people will know because things spread around very fast.
Censorship can be good for some things like explicit lyrics on the radio or some very adult like scenes on TV. I believe that we should have censorship in certain areas for certain ages, for example television shows will have some scenes not inteneded for children. Televison is something that everybody uses and you ...view middle of the document...

Books should not be censored because they are put in idividual categories and people should listen to the different titles and places where the books are at. If a 12 year old go to a store and wants to buy a book from the erotic romance section and goes to pay for it then the cashier should at least ask how old the little girl is if she looks young, now if he doesnt take notice then the girl will read the book and she will know lots of things that she shouldnt. But eventually when we become of age we will know about everything, all this kind of things so there really is no point in trying to censor certain things because in the end we will know.
I believe that radio edit is okay because there can be little kids with you and if they here the words then they would wabt to know what it means and stuff. But sometimes the censored version is bad because of all of the obvious pauses and weird words to replace the bad words. For example Asap, 2 chainz Drake and kendrick lamars song effin problems it uses lost of explicit language, but the radio edit uses the word chickens to replace another bad word “Brought her chickens.’ Kids will question the song because it does sound weird they coulld be like where did she bring her chickens? And it will make them question and maybe even bring it up on the internet and find the explicit version of the song without even meaning to. Another example of this is brittney spears song named “if you seek Amy’ i believe that not alot of people have cought on to the lyrics and the meaning hidden behind it. The lyric states “all the boys and all the girls are begging to iF yoU see(C)K amy(ME).” On the radio they have hidden it pretty good because it says “if you see Amy.” If you do listen to the original version then you have to listen very hard to be able to catch that interperatation, i am going to have to give credit to brittney on that, it was a very clever way to put it in that form.

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