Is Charlies Operation A Success Blessed Cardinal Newman And English Essay

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How culture is affected by migration (chapter 13 slideshow
· Culture- A way of life shared by a group of people including the way they obtain food, the way they obtain food, the way they bring up their children, their values, beliefs, language, customs, and religion.
· Culture Diffusion- The movement of parts of one culture into another.
· Assimilation-One cultures changing to fit, or be more like, another
· Racism-Discrimination against people because of their skin tone or appearance
· Enclaves-Areas, often within large cities that are concentrations of a particular cultural group.
· Mainstream Population-The major cultural group in a society. In Ontario, the mainstream population has been white, Anglo-Saxon, and protestant.
· Xenophobia- Fear of strangers; particularly, a mistrust of people who look and act differently.
· Cultures- Cultures change over time. Culture gives us our identity and helps us sustain it. It has elements: language, religion, social practices, shared experiences and activities, forms of shelter, economic activities, education systems, art, music, and dance. Language is often considered the most important element of a culture
· Cultures- Religious beliefs often influence people’s decision to migrate, the time that they choose to move, and...

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