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Is Cheaper Better? Essay

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“Welcome to McDonalds how may I help you? Yes Ill have, two Mcdoubles, the four piece chicken nuggets and a small coke please. Ok your total is $4.00, please pull around to the next window.” If you only have a dollar to spend and you have two kids to feed would you want more for less or less for more? Ten items from the dollar menu for $10.60 seems pretty good right? Or would you want another ten items from the super market for $12.90? The answer is clear. You would pick the $10.60 to save the money and fill your kids. Why has America come to this? We were told from day one to eat healthy, save money, and be fit, but can we?
Everyone has been to a fast food restaurant and ordered off the dollar menu, you remember how you got one burger, a french fry, and a drink for three dollars and be completely full after. Now you go to the market and can only get one head of Broccoli and a water to hopefully fill you up, but it wont. We have unfortunately skewed our food system to the bad calories which is not an accident because those are the ones that are heavily subsidized. Food cost is at an all time low, less and less of our money goes to food each paycheck. Since the 1970‘s government policies have encouraged farmers to produce more corn that is justified by demand from us the consumer, which in turn lowers the food price. The U.S. government has spent $19.2 billion subsidizing corn and soy which are the vital bases in all junk food. The federal government subsidizes the producers of agricultural products for the purpose of stabilizing food prices and also ensuring plentiful food production. With the government subsidizing corn growers like Cargill and Monsanto by paying them to produce mass amounts of corn, companies like McDonalds buy the corn at a low price which then they can sell their product at a low price which makes McDonalds food so cheap but it is not healthy for the consumer. Essentially the government is paying with tax payer money to fund and pay these huge corporations to “fatten us up”.
Lets turn this around now. On the other side of the coin the Agriculture Department did a study and found that “most fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods cost less than foods high in fat, sugar and salt”. The government says it all depends on how you the consumer measure the price. “If you compare the price per calorie – as some previous researchers have done – then higher-calorie pastries and processed snacks might seem like a...

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