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Is Chemical Castration A Good Thing?

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Chemical Castration is supposed to be a way that the government can somehow reduce the rates of rapes and molestation. Not everybody believes in this procedure. I am one of those people who do not believe in this procedure. I don’t think that this could be affective, and won’t benefit our country.
A bill was passed recently saying that if a child molester was convicted twice of molesting a child under the age of thirteen years, they would be court ordered to do this procedure. In a recent article Assemblyman Bill Hoge, the bill’s chief sponsor had said “Why not give these people a shot to calm themselves down and bring them under control,” (qtd. in Geier). When a molester has to go through this treatment they have to get injected weekly with Depo-Provera. This drug is supposed to calm down the molesters sex drive. In a recent questionnaire, I have found out that 48% percent of people belived in Chemical Castration and that 48% did not believe in it. Only 4 % of the people did not know what this procedure was.
People tend to get mixed emotions about this procedure because people think that Depo-Provera will not have any effect on the molester. Depo-Provera is a type of birth control that women use. Depo-Provera is a birth control that has a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone. It is said in an article that Depo-Provera could actually make the molesters more angry and it could possibly lead to more sexual crimes. So it causes some people to wander how a birth control can stop a man from having a sex urge. People are also against this because the molester doesn’t get to have the option of getting it or not. This I don’t agree with, because I feel like if a person has done such a bad crime that all their rights should be taken away.
Chemical Castration shouldn’t be used because it’s not effective as people think it would be. The treatment only works for people with a uncontrollable sex drive, not the offenders who molest children because of emotional needs. So the people that have emotional sex needs will most likely commit this crime again. I think of it as why use something when it’s not serving it’s full purpose. I think surgical castration would be better because these molesters don’t have the chance to go out and do the crime again. It also may help because molesters would know that this would happen if they were to commit the crime again.
In an article it stated that men need large doses. It said that men would receive 400mg to 500mg per week through buttocks. Some men even get doses as high as 700 mg/day. Even though these men are getting these high doses they still reported that they have sexual arousal and fantasies. These offenders don’t just have a sexual drive for this stuff, they also are driven by anger, power, and other serious mental issues. Chemical Castration is only going to cure their sex drive, not the issues that these people really have. If these issues are unsolved then these people are still going to...

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