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Is Cloning Okay? Essay

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Why would anyone want to clone their pets or loved ones? Some say that if they have those who they love cloned, that they will not have to miss them once they die. If people want to clone their pets, or family members, and have the money and technology to do so, should they be allowed to do so? This is something important to discuss because as technology evolves and becomes more available, the demand for such procedures is greatly increasing. Each year the number of cloning attempts increases….and Cloning pets, humans, or any other organism, should never be allowed no matter their financial status, their ability to give permission for these procedures, or the amount of technology available. ...view middle of the document...

“The characteristics breeders look for in a bull, such as its strength and courage, have a lot to do with what it eats, its environment and how it is treated”, says Estrella Cortés a biologist who has studied genetic cloning (Burnett). Cloning bulls that have had success in their fighting does not ensure that their clones will be winners too, as their fighting skills are something they are not born with, but instead learn or are taught as they grow up and become more mature. What is the point of cloning a pet or relative if they are not going to act or look the same? Why even bother to do it? There is no reason strong enough to justify it and cloning pets is a perfect example of a situation in which cloning should never take place. First of all, they cannot give their permission for such procedures to take place, and second of all it is not beneficial enough to undergo all of the risks these procedures entail.

The death rate of clones is extremely high, and even if they survive past birth, it is very common that they will die soon afterward. “Typically, very few cloning attempts are successful. Many cloned animals die in utero, or even at late stages or soon after birth” If up to ninety nine percent of all cloning attempts fail to produce a healthy clone, is it worth killing so many of those trial organisms to get the one you want? No, killing a couple dozen “failed organisms” or letting them die should not be allowed just because you want to see your beloved pet again. If cloning was allowed to become a common procedure, the losses of life that accompany it would without a doubt increase; however, if cloning was not allowed for anyone, no matter the situation, then these unnecessary deaths would certainly never occur.

Fetuses that do survive beyond birth often face several severe health defects. One example of a health defect that could take place would be the abnormally large placentas. “Problems with imprinting can result in extremely large placentas, which ultimately leads to problems with blood...

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