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Is College Essay

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A college degree is an extra step toward success. A degree is like advancement when it comes to quality living today. Maria Dimera, a journalist student at Santa Monica College thinks, “Many think that a college degree is more than just a piece of paper “(260). Having a degree is valuable and shows that a person has earned permission to practice in the field he or she has a degree in. A degree is necessary to have for certain well-paying jobs. Having a degree may push a person further in life than others but it does not guarantee a person a job or comfortable living in today’s time.
Going to college is essential when it comes to being skilled in a certain subject. Many well-paying jobs offered now are degree related and if a person does not have a degree, he or she is kind of left out of the loop. When a person grows up around people who earn low wages, this encourages him or her to go to school and do better than what people around him or her have done. Living check to check is not exactly the ideal lifestyle that a person would want to live. It is stressful and worrisome thinking about that fact that a person does not have money to do what he or she enjoys. When money becomes the main reason for every reason a person cannot carry out something, this makes him or her more determined to come out of poverty. A college degree can make life easier and less difficult. Maria Dimera also believes that “It is entirely different from a high school diploma, since it is the ticket to one’s desired field and higher pay “(260). America, 10 years ago made all of this possible, but going to college is not exactly a person’s one way ticket to money and luxury. Now days, people go to college and come out with nothing to show for it. Jobs are available but not too many that every person that graduates comes out with a guaranteed job waiting for him or her. If a person’s not looking to become a doctor, lawyer, architect or any real major profession, college may be a waste of time. If a person is interested in an arts and acting degree, his or her chances of getting a job are low. Alex Tabarrok, an Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason...

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